Our participatory approach emphasizes the importance of involving the entire community in the planning, design, or policy-making process. We understand that meaningful public engagement requires deep relationships with the community. In order to connect with residents and genuinely deploy an inclusive process, Pueblo develops partnerships with trusted community-based organizations (CBOs). Within these partnerships we:

  • co-produce culturally and socially competent participatory planning tools and engagement activities;

  • conduct community outreach and engagement; and

  • jointly shape planning, design, and public policy recommendations.

Our participatory process consists of four main components: 1) listen and learn, 2) methodology development, 3) meaningful engagement, and 4) transparency and feedback.

Using the same participatory approach, on public policy issues, we seek to break down complex planning and public policy terms, processes, and information so that community members are empowered to act in accordance with their interests. We primarily focus on, but are not limited to, the following issues:

  • transportation justice;

  • environmental justice;

  • climate justice;

  • public space access; and

  • affordable housing and anti-displacement.


Participatory Process










Listen & Learn

We start every planning and design process by getting to know the neighbors and their neighborhood. With our community partners, we research the historical and social context of the space and connect with residents to hear their stories about the built environment, social interactions, challenges, aspirations, and values.


Methodology development

As we learn more about the people and place, we begin the planning and design process. With our community partners, we develop culturally and socially relevant, linguistically appropriate, and place-specific engagement tools and activities that enable residents to share their expertise and shape planning and design outcomes.


Meaningful Engagement

We meet residents where they are at, in their homes, parks, churches, restaurants, out on the street, etc. We engage residents with linguistically and culturally appropriate activities that lead to meaningful contributions in the planning and design process.


Transparency & Feedback

We are transparent with residents and set clear expectations about the process and the timeline. We regularly check-in with residents throughout the process and always share with them a draft of the final product to allow for their continued feedback.