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Monique G. López |A.I.C.P., M.A., M.C.R.P.
Social Justice Planner

For more than a decade Monique Lopez has been a social justice planner and policy advocate working on transportation justice, environmental justice, and public space access throughout Southern California. Monique works with communities using planning tools through storytelling and arts-based engagement to dismantle unjust systems and build equitable communities. Her work is rooted in a simple principle: The voices of residents should be respected as experts, and as such, should dictate the planning and design of their community. Monique also brings in this social justice approach and practice into the classroom and teaches graduate level courses at Antioch University (Urban Infrastructure) and Cal Poly Pomona (Coalition Building).

She is a certified planner with the American Planning Association and has earned a Master's degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon and a Master's in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach. She has also earned her Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science with a Minor in Religion from Vanguard University. When she is not working with community members, she loves to ride and work on her bike and is an avid storyteller.


Consulting Team

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Adonia Lugo   Ph.D.   Urban Anthropologist

Adonia Lugo| Ph.D.
Urban Anthropologist

Dr. Adonia Lugo is a cultural anthropologist based in Los Angeles. She builds social networks and creates resources that expand multiracial dialogue and action toward sustainable mobility and a future centered in the needs and experiences of historically marginalized communities and people of color. Inspired by a trip to Bogotá, Colombia in August 2008, she helped start the effort to organize a ciclovía in Los Angeles, and served as the board secretary of CicLAvia until January 2011. Also, co-founded the City of Lights/ Ciudad de Luces project at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition that connected day laborer cyclists with bike advocacy. In 2012, City of Lights transformed into Multicultural Communities for Mobility. She later managed the Equity Initiative at the League of American Bicyclists. And is now a sustainability educator and national thought leader in the transportation justice eld. Adonia received a B.A. in anthropology from Reed College in Portland, OR in 2005, an M.A. in anthropology from UC Irvine in 2010, and a Ph.D. in anthropology from UC Irvine in 2013.


Esmi Rennick
Social Impact Designer

Esmi Rennick’s interests and education lie at the intersection of qualitative research and the concept design phase as it pertains to the built environment, spatial experiences, and social impact community work. Using participatory design techniques and community engagement Esmi prefers to design with not for the communities she is serving. “I feel this gives people a sense of ownership of the project and empowers them to feel like they can have a say in their immediate environment”. She enjoys creating spaces/products that engage viewers, enhance perspectives and generate spectacle. She obtained her B.S. in Environmental Design and minored in the Design Matters program at Art Center College of Design where she also found a passion for material explorations, installations, and exhibition design.