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Photo taken by Monique López during a participatory design workshop she led while working at Kounkuey Design Initiative.


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Values-Driven Social Enterprise

Pueblo Planning, a values-driven social enterprise, is a participatory planning and design firm that intentionally focuses on populations that are often left out of the planning process and those most vulnerable to the impacts of planning decisions (i.e., QTBIPOC- Queer, Trans, Indigenous, Black and People of Color; unhoused; disabled; low-income; etc.). We meet people where they are and use art-making and storytelling as a way for people to share their experiences, knowledge, and vision for what kind of community they want to live in and one that would best serve their needs.

Our work is rooted in a simple principle: The voices of residents should be respected as experts, and they should dictate the design of their community. We are deeply committed to social justice and incorporate an intersectional approach to planning by acknowledging the relationship between structural racism, housing, transportation, public health and safety, and the environment. We understand that meaningful public engagement requires deep relationships with the community. In order to connect with residents and genuinely deploy an inclusive process, Pueblo Planning develops partnerships with trusted community-based organizations (CBOs).

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As a social enterprise, our work with agencies subsidizes our work with grassroots and nonprofit organizations so that we can provide low-cost technical support for community-driven plans, designs, projects, and policy development.


Our Values Shape Our Approach

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2019 Distinguished Leadership Award: Emerging Planning and Design Firm

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